Spirit Warrior Wellness

Shift. Transform. Grow.

The Spirit Warrior Vision

To help you to release your past and to move into your brightest, best self. In order to shine our brightest, we must slow down and learn to connect with our inner voice. Together we can make that voice louder through meditation and yoga.

Get Lit with Spirit Warrior.

$77 | REIKI

30 Minute ZOOM
30 Min Healing Session

$111 | REIKI

60 Minute ZOOM
60 Min Healing Session

$99 | YOGA

60 Minute ZOOM
1 Hour Session

Spirit Warrior Merchandise

We have Tees and Mask available for you

Thara’s Mission

As our world’s have become filled with to do lists, zoom calls and an ever growing list of outside stressors, Thara wants to give you tools to help you live a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

The Spirit Warrior Life

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